This is Autocracy

In four days, we've seen:

•DAPL reinstated: a financial enterprise in which Donald Trump--and Rex Tillerson-- is invested.

•"Temporary freezes" of information coming out of the White House

•Outright lies from the Press Secretary, Donald Trump, and Kellyanne Conway regarding the size of the inauguration attendance, the size of the marches, his relationship with the intelligence community, and voter fraud.

•A two front battle staged around immigration: both the Mexico Border Wall and a freeze on immigration from countries including Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen.

•A dog-and-pony show in front of Intelligence officers in which he simultaneously bragged and insulted them, with hired enthusiasts who clapped inappropriately during a briefing.

•the ordered removal of the EPA's Climate Change page.

•Chicago threatened with federal intervention

•The Declaration of January 20 as a "National Patriotic Day of Devotion."

•Reinstated the "Hyde Amendment" which defunds health care internationally by refusing aid to anyone who even mentions abortion.

•Killed the TPP.

•The reinstatement of fees to mortgage holders, many of whom are blue collar, middle class or lower middle class.

•The silencing of multiple agencies under gag orders, including the EPA and agriculture department staff, USDA and Department of Transportation.

•Lied about winning awards for environmentalism.

This is what autocrats do: they centralize power, they silence opposition, they demonize people--even those who are citizens--they obfuscate, they dissemble, they confuse.

All of this is a part of a greater plan. Look to Steve Bannon, the Kingmaker. At his hand is the crafting of this play.