What to Cook for Thanksgiving When Your Democracy is Failing

Coffee then beer and some aspirin.


Worry: because tax cuts for the rich but single mothers can't claim head of household. Medicare gutted and climate change is real and every scientist knows North Carolina's on fire. And Florida? Wow. Not looking good for you. Add a Russian hack to influence an election, and we're a democracy not an autocracy or an oligarchy because that's crazy this is America.

And boasts about grabbing women by the crotch–that happened. That really happened. Totes fine because he’s famous and rich: to grab humans by their genitals and shove his tongue down their throat.

The Second Amendment people could maybe take care of his opponent, he said that at a rally, and it was recorded and broadcast and we all saw it and we all heard it, and he incited violence at a rally, and told his white crowd at a rally that an entire nation was sending its rapists and criminals here though we know who does the work that none of you want: they pick your crops and clean your motels and drive your Übers and paint your houses and tar your roofs and work as janitors and own your stores and are the unsung backbone of this whole damned country and he threatened them with deportation because don't worry all the white people will fill those jobs, and he mocked–actually for real, for REAL, he did that– he mocked a disabled journalist right there from his red, white and blue dais, that happened and I saw it but it doesn't matter and journalists get opacity, not transparency; he wants his own channel which is not a good sign: a thug wants no proof, no record of scheming, no record of gaffs, or his dismally small, deviously petty, grievously dangerous irresponsible deeds with the gaslighting and the locker room talk and the circling the wagons and the babbling dark words; it's a Constitutional crisis, this is happening, and the Supreme Court, OH GOD the Court–this is happening–and no amendment will get through Congress nor the Senate again, nor ratified; but I'm not an equal, I’m still not an equal because of my uterus;  and now Thanksgiving with family who voted against me, I'm supposed to break bread, offer peace: for gloating over a loss that we didn't lose, we have the popular vote, and we lost FOR REASONS: anachronistic REASONS which looks a lot like autocracy and not a democracy...

 ...so I'm cooking bourbon and Xanax and FUCK YOU for Thanksgiving.