Ominous Rabbit's Happy Fund Time!

Feeling miserable about things after the election, I decided that instead I should feel feisty. Usually that means I come up with some slightly off-color idea which entertains me and put it in motion. Often I do this purely for my own pleasure, but since the world really could use all hands on deck, I decided to make my ideas work for it instead.

For the next two weeks this design, affectionately known as "Coq Bloque," will be featured on the Threadless Ominous Rabbit shop, with all profits (excluding taxes, and possibly the fees associated with Paypal) going toward NARAL Pro-Choice America. After the two weeks are up, I hope to run a new campaign by a different artist--an artist who picks a different organization to fund. This way, artists can contribute without paying anything, and people can contribute and get some awesome and subversive shirts. 

And of course, the causes we care about--all of which will be on the front lines in the next four-to-eight years--will get some money, which they will need now more than ever. 

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy Blocking Cocks as much as I do.