Armor for the Modern Political Climate

2016 is coming to a close. It was a LONG ONE. So many of the beliefs we hold dear are under threat from all sides. We're losing a great president, soon to be replaced with a tinpot autocrat. Women are being pigeonholed back into archaic boxes. People of color are directly in the sights of a neo-fascist movement. Climate change policies--the ultimate in non-partisan issues--are being bludgeoned by the incoming cabinet.

But when most of our loved ones were in shock and mourning on election night, I GOT MAD INSTEAD.

In many ways, I've been preparing for this moment for a decade. I'd been doing research for a book I was writing; it was set in a time of climate change upheaval, so I didn't know exactly WHEN it would happen, but I KNEW THAT IT WOULD. That it's happening 70 years earlier than I anticipated just made my sense of URGENCY THAT MUCH GREATER.

In the spirit of lefty, grassroots movements from history, I started making plans. One of them is this:


It's both a brainstorm and a collective, both an idea and a fundraising campaign. Right now it's only this one design called "Coq Bloque," which I made as a symbol of people standing up to the COCKS of this election. It's a subtle, subversive image that takes a minute for people to get, and if your Aunt Tilly doesn't get it at all, no problem. BUT IT WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER.

And because artists, creatives, visionaries, and rebels often have ideas but rarely have money, I realized that one way we could continue giving back to the organizations we believe in would be to make ROLLING CAMPAIGNS FOR DIFFERENT CAUSES. So all the money that I raise from "Coq Bloque" for the period December 13-27, 2016 goes to ProChoice America.

On December 28, a new design from a different artist will be donating THEIR funds to Planned Parenthood. And so on.

We can raise funds for anything: environmental causes, LGBTQ, local shelters, etc. IT IS NOT LIMITED TO WOMEN'S ISSUES. So if you don't buy "Coq Bloque," you might buy a different design later on, with the funds going toward immigration issues, legal aid for disenfranchised communities, you name it. Or share this with people who you think want to Block Cocks before the inauguration. THERE ARE SO MANY THINGS WE CAN DO.

Submit causes you think need attention and funds. Submit designs you think are worthy of our sigils, banners and crests.

Because that's what this is: ARMOR and FLAGS.

VISUALS ARE POWERFUL. We have to utilize them to make us even louder, more obnoxious, more demanding of those who would have us lie down while they roll over us. We cannot go quietly. We have to MOUNT UP. It's going to be a LONG, LONG FIGHT. Get the proper attire to bolster your confidence in your causes.