Farewell and Thanks and See You Soon

In Which a Rabbit Goes Ominously Away, Fading Briefly While Acclimating to a Life Without Anchor

Dear Tiny Little Rabbit Audience,

We had some good times, huh? Some laughs, a lot of tears, some shared agonies. Whew. It was really something.

I'm closing up shop for a bit. I'm sure all you Lagomorph lovers will understand that it's been one helluva year and I'm taking a little break from publicly spewing my life all over the interwebs like a seasick child. I was glad to provide the narration to our pain, but now I'm in enough personal pain without Dad that it makes a little less sense to me. After all, I was always writing for him, even when he couldn't read any longer, even when I had to read it to him at the end of his days.

I kept looking at Dad those last couple of weeks, getting frustrated, wondering what was going to come next, what little squabble we might find there, what strange horrors and sadnesses would find us. And then I remembered that it was always the last squabble, the last memory, the last completely mundane conversation we'd ever have. It never made sense to me that he was there in that perfectly crystalline moment, and then he wouldn't be any longer. It still doesn't, but it remains true: he's not here. And I keep confronting it day by day and minute to minute.

Love to you all who followed the Chronicles. It was a helluva ride. I miss Dad like bonkers mad, but am so happy to have reconnected with so many of Dad's people. Cheers to us all, in the strange world without Dad.