The Tao of Bun

A little known fact of buns is that in order to keep balance in the world, as soon as you, the caregiver, are given something of value, something else must be returned. One cannot behold the perfect bun lest one become complacent. Therefore, a delicate order of exchange is devised for the caregiver to experience the full cycle of bun, but at no time experience the one perfect bun. Such is the circle of bun.

For instance, when the bun at last learns to nap longer than half an hour, and the full bounty of the two-hour nap is achieved, the universe is in flux until some other disorder is realized.

In our case, we have had to exchange the pleasant sartorial and diapering of a poorly rested but very sweet and jolly bun for wrestling a rabid, angry but well-rested mongoose into his diaper. And apparently naps are worth so much on the cosmic scale that not only have we given up easy diapering and dressing, but food-flinging has been thrown in for good measure, when he decides to eat at all.

Parity is reached when chaos and order are realized in equal measure.