9 Months Up, 9 Months Down

This is a very big day around here. It might even have more significance than the bun's first birthday. It's been a year and a half since The Bun was placed in The Oven, and now he's been out as long as he was in. He has gone from zygote to bunhood, and is now deeply entrenched into full-fledged personhood, which is pretty remarkable. To the extent that we've been able to assist, we have. But watching him determinedly try to crawl; or pull himself to standing, look around and let go, just to see what happens; or to master the unbelievably frustrating motor skills needed to stuff O's in his mouth....we also realize that essentially we just give him a nice environment in which to test things out, but he's really doing all the work.

This is what I try to remember when I have to skooch to the very edge of the bed at five in the morning because he won't fall asleep unless he's with us. It's a tough job being a baby. Every single thing you've ever done in your life started when you were somebody's bun, and you had to learn every single thing from scratch.

He slept between us last night, taking up the whole of the bed to himself. I could only snatch a couple of z's here and there when he wasn't wriggling, but every now and then his little fist would brush against my back or my ribs in such a gentle way that it would reassure me.

It reassured me that this barely controlled chaos that we call bun-raisin', we're doing the right thing.

Happy Birthday, Bun!