iCal is a harsh mistress. Because I am sharing only two brain cells for all my higher functions now that I get no sleep, I've come to rely on the alarms in my calendar to remind me to do simple, easily overlooked tasks. "Bun Vitamins" pops up about noon every day. Inevitably, I'm in the middle of something, or the bun is asleep so I postpone it for an hour. Then "Water Plants" comes up from last Sunday, and I postpone it for two more hours. "Library with Bun" comes up a day before we're supposed to go, and even though it's been over a month since we've been able to make it to the reading hour, hope springs eternal and I postpone the reminder until two hours before it starts so I can feel guilty when we don't go.

Bun Vitamins. Postpone. Library. Postpone. Veggie Delivery. Postpone. Garbage and recycling. Postpone! Postpone! POSTPONE!!!!

Pretty soon they're piling up like beggars on my desktop, blinking at me, entreating me to just give the poor kid his freakin' vitamins already, take the garbage out, get some book learnin' but I just POSTPONE POSTPONE POSTPONE!!!!! Eventually, I sneak in a couple of dismissals, even though I haven't accomplished the tasks on my screeching reminders, and I feel like a big fat liar.

I've now postponed the "Water Plants" reminder so often that I'm getting two: the one from last week and the one from this week are now in a race to see which one will get dismissed first (without, of course, me watering the plants, which could surely use a drink).

WATER PLANTS Sunday, September 26, 2004 11:00 a.m.