The Bible of the Bun: Sleep

And, lo, there was a heavy Sleep upon the horizon, and the Bun did resist. And he did rend his clothing and fight against the Sleep as though it were his enemy, and did pull his hair. And his mother did wrestle with the bun, and spake on behalf of the sweet Sleep who was not the Bun's enemy, but he did not heed.

And he did struggle against the mighty Sleep for many minutes and many hours, and did strike his fair mother who could not see what was so wrong with the Angel of Sleep, and didst love Sleep like she loved the Bun.

"Why dost thou struggle so against the Angel who is Sleep? For thou wouldst not be so sleepy if thou didst but allow Sleep to visit upon you? And you would be rested, and I would be rested and all would be right in the world?"

But the Bun did not understand; nay, he did struggle with ferocity and did shout at Sleep in his own tongue: "Get thee back, you devil! Get thee back!"

But Sleep was the mightier force, and didst collude with the mother, who sang sweet songs and rocked in tempo, thus lulling the Mighty Bun to slumber. And he did sleep.

But the Bun was a Tricky Bun and he did wake no longer than one half of one hour after the Angel of Sleep did finally settle upon him. And his mother suffered, but she did give in to the Bun, for it was clear that lo, he had triumphed over Sleep and didst win the battle for that day.

And she wept.