The Bun's Missive to Grandpa

Grandpa sent some books to the bun. This is what the bun wrote in reply:Bububububub. Mamamamama. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. Dadadadadaddadada

This is what I've been working on these days. That, plus crawling (of course, this is a pre-occupation of mine when I should be sleeping, but, you know--when the creative bug bites, one must heed its call) and a few teeth. And what teeth they are, too! All sharp and owie, and pushing right through my upper gum-line, which may sound fun to you, but it's really not fun for me. Or those people who clean my butt--they seem to have gotten a little more wrinkly in the past week due to stress. Or something...

Anyhoo, I haven't got this crawling thing down yet, but I'm working on it, and the butt-cleaners had better start thinking about moving all those plants and covering up those sockets, because I tell you what! I'm itchin' for a little old fashioned exploration, just like Magellan. Except on a smaller scale, but no less dangerous! Just you wait until I reach the Horn of Sharp Objects. It's gonna be exciting!

But I got this package in the mail, full of books and they are all quite beeeyoootiful. My dumb ol' Mom already had the Cat one--she reads it to me all the time even though it uses big words like "prestidigitation" and "terpsichorean" and I humor her by playing along, but really, I'd rather chew on my toes most of the time. Although the Rum Tum Tugger distinctly reminds me of the cat who wanders through here every so often. He always is on the wrong side of every door, too. I wonder if Eliot knew him?

The other two books are completely beautiful, and I look forward to chewing on their pages very soon. The wolf one is quite lovely and ethereal (did I learn that word from the "Practical Cats"? Maybe.) and I look forward to Sendak's interpretation of a little-known Grimm tale.

I think that the butt-cleaners are thinking about putting up a little book database on the internet (I don't know "internet" from "chewy toy" but that's what they said) so that all the grandparents who keep buying books don't have to worry about which ones I've already got. Because damned, for a seven-month-old baby, I sure do have a lot of books! I suppose that one day, I'll be in all those pictures at Christmas (I dont' know what Christmas is, either, but it sounds okay) where everyone is reading, won't I?

Much love to the cat Rama. I don't know which one of the Practical Cats he is, but I'm pretty sure that the fat one who lives here is represented by "Bustopher Jones: the Cat About Town," being that she's so fond of packing away the kibble.

Much love to the girlfriend, too. I would like to meet her, as a boy such as myself can never have enough Grandma's.

Oh, mom says "Hi." She'll call you soon.

Much love,

The Bun