Operation Bun-Sleep Initiated

Operation Bun-Sleep has officially begun. After watching one more dawn heaped over the crib-rail patting the bun, or more pathetically, laying on the floor while babbling nonsense at the glassy-eyed but determined bun, I realized that we're nearing a crisis situation. Or maybe it was that black mood I was in the other day after spending five hours trying to get the bun to take naps. (Talk about stubborn! I swear, he thinks he's going to miss the most important event of his seven-month life the second he closes his eyes...so he doesn't.)

So we're in lock-down mode. All systems are focused upon the cause: namely, bun-sleep and my sanity, which has been edging into dubious enemy territory. All methods will be examined, no frivolous and ridiculous recommendations will be unexplored. If I have to dress like a sheep and leap over the crib rail again and again until he sacks out, it will happen.

I'm goin' in.