Sign Language

A while back my friend introduced me to the concept of signing for babies. Skeptical at first, I looked into it. While still not a hundred percent convinced (and the bun is too young to do it anyway), I've been making some simple signs for him just for fun. "Cat" is popular, since we are always shooing "the cat" from one mischievous and annoying act to the next. At first my husband was reluctant to buy into this signing business, but now he seems to have warmed to it. In fact, he's created two signs of his very own.

For the right boob, the sign is: "Come an' Getit!" (or hand ringing a dinner bell) accompanying his verbal "DING-DING-DING-DING-DING-DING-DING!"

The left boob is a little more complex and possibly more abstract: "The Honking of the Jalopy Horn" sign accompanies his lively and bumptious "Ga-DoooOOO-ga!!!!" and now every time he hands the bun to me for a little afternoon nosh, it's embellished with a sign for one or the other of my "Boobs of Shame."

One of these days soon, the bun will look at me with stars in his eyes and honk a jalopy horn, and I'll know that he's ready for Lefty to make an appearance. Or he'll raise his tiny fist and cycle it around the invisible dinner triangle a few times to express his desire for deee-licious Righty.

It's not easy being me.