A Recap of Sorts

Things we said in the last day:

  • "You can't have any Rum Trauben Nuss until you finish your Avgolemono."\
  • My husband's version of "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg:

    "Rolling down the sidewalk, sippin' on booby juice. Layin' back, With my mind on my mummy and my mummy on my mind."

    Things we did in the last week:

    Visit from stepmother, which was great. Went to many Asian gardens and felt very serene and bucolic. Tempered only by teething bun who cut his first tooth. Watched and waited for inclement poop, which we got finally. We shall not speak of it again. Wondered if I was plum out of things to write about.

    Still haven't resolved that last one.

    But have begun getting hugs from bun, which is a tonic for all ills.