The boy becomes a man...

...or at least a less stationary boy. As of yesterday, around 3:00 p.m., he decided that he had had enough of this whole lying on his side thing. He made the extra initiative it takes to go the whole way and flipped himself onto his tum. Lest I think it was a fluke, I turned him back over (which must have been quite frustrating: "Gawdammit, ma, I just turned my ass over, and you gotta turn me back?") and he just flipped on his tum again. And again.

Now he seems to think this turning over business is just completely passe, commonplace, normal, and has adopted it as a part of his regular routine. Changing table? Turn over! Crib? Turn over! Bath? Turn over! No, wait, turn over with a super splash!

And just when I thought that was more than enough super-development for one day, he can sit up too. Not for long, but damn, he can do it.

Next week he'll be dating, and then won't I be bummed.