Too many stories, too little time

  • First off, if you eat asparagus, pee is not the only thing that turns green. I found this out when I pumped the other day and came away with milk that looked like absinthe over ice. We froze it, and will take it out to scare the child with, no doubt. But those were some panicked minutes before I figured out why I was leaking anti-freeze: I was positive that a torturous death by boob-toxemia was imminent.
  • Sadly, we've begun making the move to the bun's crib in his own room. This is so depressing. I love sleeping next to him, but sleep is what I get very little of since he's always doing the Macarena in his slumber.
  • Another cruel twist in the Sleep Chronicles is my recent insomnia. Stress + Baby + Four A.M. Feedings = NO SLEEP AT ALL. Of course, because I'm such a giving person, I've made sure that my husband is also sleep deprived. I share because I care.
  • After another excessive photo shoot with the bun this morning, my husband said, "It's almost like we're harvesting cuteness." Just like organs or coca, there's something slightly off about it. Unsavory. Exploitative.

    Ah, well. *click*