The bun's first date

Tiny and I went to meet another mother/daughter pair, the girl about the age of the bun. We socialized over brunch, and then we all "went back to her place." (This brings up a couple of things for me personally: one is that I am now a member of a club I never thought would have me; two, the mommy-ghettoizing has begun. But that's another story.) I'm thrilled to be able to introduce Tiny to the chicks, and it's good for all parties involved when the freaky moms get to talk about how different their lives are now that someone else is pulling the marionette strings.

But when we laid the little tiddlers next to each other for the "getting to know you" session, the fun really began. The bun went straight in for the kill: rolling over in her direction, a burble or two, followed by the hand grab. This led to her fingers being stuck in his mouth, which in Bun terms must be the equivalent of a successful first date.

Apparently encouraged with her fist being in his mouth, he decided to woo her by singing in his best Frankenstein screech. He was obviously thrilled to be entertaining a young lady, but was perhaps moving a tad too quickly for such a demure lass as this one. His excited squawk was greeted with a scream and offended tears, and every time she looked at him she would start crying again.* "Fresh," she probably thought.

One hopes this is not portentious. Her papa looked at his daughter's meltdown and said, "I hope this isn't indicative of her first day of kindergarten."

I'm thinking, "I hope this isn't indicative of his first real date." *I hasten to add that despite such a vehement rejection, the Bun was absolutely and utterly unfazed by her screams. It seems that his completely mellow personality took this all in stride. "Okay. Perhaps I was a little flat on that last note. I'll be over here contemplating my foot--look me up when you feel better." So the spurning was not at all depressing, at least from my end.

The girl's mother seemed a little surprised that her daughter had slightly anti-social tendencies, though.