Misc. Cont.

  • I'm so tired that when I was getting ready for a bath, I put on a pair of boxers instead of taking them off. Only when my foot was lingering over the water did I realize that I was still clothed.
  • If the kid had a lair, he would drag my breast back with him to a corner and preen over it. He hunches his shoulders up, bears his gums, and growls like a badger. Then he laughs.
  • The two-month moratorium on a cat-hair-free baby seems to have expired. I'm now constantly picking black fur from him as he eats.
  • Just when I thought that I couldn't take another minute, the bun and I had a fabulous conversation about god-knows-what in his native tongue. We laughed and laughed, and I realized that no matter how difficult it is, the good conversation makes it all worth it.\