Sleep behavior

Sleep smiling: Just what it sounds like. He has this little rogueish cock-eyed grin that he wears for a fleeting second. \Sleep laughing: This one is just weird, because he doesn't actually know how to laugh yet. He cracks his sleep smile and then begins chittering like a squirrel. Sleep fussing: The one that makes your heart melt. The bottom lip comes out, his eyes crinkle up, and he looks as though his whole world is breaking apart. You want to crack into his bad dreams and chase away the demons. But what could he possibly be dreaming about? The evil breast that teases him with no milk? The diaper that would not be changed? The malevolent bouncy chair?\ Sleep bird-calling: A new one on me, he busted this out this morning as he laid on my chest. He began making bird calls and chirps, little cheeps and twitters. This went on for about ten minutes. Maybe he's practicing to be Dr. Doolittle.