Funny human frailties

1) I'm watching the bun desperately try to stick his thumb in his mouth. He really, really wants to suck on it, but doesn't have enough motor control over his fingers to open his hand up and get a hold of it. So he sticks his whole fist in, although clearly it's not good enough. Then he squeaks in frustration. And I both want to help him and laugh. 2) I'm jealous of my husband. When he goes out with the bun, the other parents all talk to him delightedly. I think it's the "doting father" effect. When I go out with the bun, I'm just another mother out with her kid and not very interesting. People love to see men with their kids. Any single men out there reading this should totally rent a baby for an afternoon and go to a park. Instant chick magnet.

3) I need to join a baby group, or play thingie or something, but I'm chicken and fairly anti-social. However I also recognize the necessity of both socializing the kid, and talking to someone other than the bun lest my conversational skills drop to primitive grunts and one word sentences. Are there parent groups that emphasize crankiness, dry wit, sardonic perspectives, and a love of cheap wine? No? Pity. I may have to start one.