An addendum to yesterday's post "Opinions are like..."

Thanks to all who wrote to me regarding yesterday's entry. I loved all of the comments, and they were very thoughtful. After re-reading the entry this morning I realized why I was garnering so much concern and thoughtfulness, because I have to admit a little bafflement for a while. When I wrote that I felt like a failure, I was utilizing an old stand-by: a touch of hyperbole. I don't really feel like a failure as a mom, just a failure in the "small daily things" department. I've never been good at the daily things anyway, so this isn't really much of a surprise.

I didn't quite understand why people seemed so concerned; sometimes I think things read one way (funny) when everyone else reads something completely different (sad/bummed out/depressed/depressing). This is pretty common in my life--often my jokes are only funny to me too.

I don't want anyone to worry. I'm fine, in a "brand-new-mother-can't-find-her-butt-with-both-hands" kind of way, although the advice was extremely appreciated and the concern very flattering. I'm glad that you've been willing to follow this strange and mundane trip with me, and if you read some of these entries and enjoy them, I'm happy. If you find it boring and out of your sphere, I completely understand. I promise that I'm okay, and am sorry that my slightly edgy and cranky style sometimes translates to be a little depressing. It's not my intention (most of the time).

Thanks for everything.

Comments turned off because I'm feeling sheepish and embarrassed.