Mother-skills not inherent

Women do not have a corner on the "getting baby dressed efficiently" market; oh no. Not at all. In fact, of the two of us I'd have to admit that my husband is a hundred times better at getting those dinky little socks on the boy. The sleeping gowns are a complete mystery to me, and I always cheat and put him in something I don't have to pull over his head. And for god's sake, my husband had to teach me how to put diapers on the little nipper when we got home from the hospital. I'm a pro now, but it was touch-and-go for a while.

So the idea that women are naturally adept at all these parent things? Lies and deceit, lies and deceit.

This came up because it took me about ten minutes to get two deceptively innocent-looking socks on two little feet. Talk about frustrating.