A mother's lament

Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday that he was a brand new hatchling, and now he's 21 (days)!\ We celebrated this great milestone by sharing a little wellspring of baby poop, followed by two golden arches of pee and a brand new change of clothing. Soon we'll have another little change, but hopefully he'll have already gotten his ya-ya's out with round one, and he will find it unnecessary to christen me further.

In other news, he continues to be adorable, despite his copious need to make mom a mess.

Having sent out our baby announcements, I'll put the front page here for posterity.

I obviously had never had children when I designed this thing, as it involved: a multi-page layout, bookbinding, stamping, embossing, stapling, all after the little nipper was born. Those were some bleary days putting them together. But it looks like a real passport more or less, and people have been effusive in their praise, which is nice. I lost a lot of ridiculous sleep over it...it makes me happy that people have enjoyed it.

Of course, now we can't have any more children, because I'll never make the same over-zealous announcement mistake again, and the second kid will feel totally shortchanged with his/her crappy announcement that I'll write on the back of a cocktail napkin and xerox at Kinko's. Heh.