Three strikes, yer out

This morning has been awash in baby pee. That's okay, he's a baby. But did he have to pee on everything twice? Changed him once, he peed on his nightshirt. So I changed his nightshirt, and the changing table cover. Put him in the crib for a little tummy time and noticed his diaper was too small, (a little plumber's crack around the hiney equals potential disaster) so took his diaper off to do a quickie change. Peed in the crib and on his new nightshirt. Took him out to change him, he peed on his new socks, new nightshirt, new changing cover. So now I have to change everything again...Were my poor husband not delirious with fatigue himself, I would force him to do the final round of pee-baby, but he's just plumb tuckered. Three diapers in under 20 minutes. Good job, Tiny! A new record!

I think from now on this is a naked-only household, and I'm just going to stand in the shower with him until he's potty trained. My mother and husband can bring in food every couple of days when they hose us down. It will be easier on all of us.