Things that are good

1. He sings while he eats. It breaks my heart. 2. He's a vampire bat boy. No, really. When dad is holding him upright, he flings his little toothless gums towards his neck in a "I'm hungry NOW human!" kind of way. It's high comedy.

3. He does a fine "face dance" where every human expression is examined in detail in a very short amount of time. Also high comedy.

4. He sounds like a squeaky toy when he hiccoughs.

5. He has little tufts on his ears which make him look like a bobcat. Raar!

6. Sheer adorability, even when he turns gentian purple and goes stiff as a board when he's getting his didees changed.

7. His knack for peeing on his socks every time he wears them.

8. His little eyes gazing around in their fuzzy, blurry way.

9. His comfort laying on dad while I take two minutes to check my email.

10. What's not to love?