Today is "Bring the Bun" day!

All of you viewers out there in TV Land, this is where you really count. Whether it's by lighting a bonfire in your neighbor's backyard (why risk your own?), or Googling for "Baby Out Dances" or wearing a diaper on your head, today is where your little goofy rituals count. Now it is true that he's not due until tomorrow, but if we all pull together today, maybe we can get him in a timely fashion! There are those of you who will say, "But that's not the date I put my money on...I'm still pulling for February 29!" but I implore you as one who can no longer tie her own shoes, get out of bed in a graceful manner, walk more than 100 feet without wincing, please: in my time of need, beg, borrow or steal that "Baby Get a Move-on" mojo and send it my way.

We here at La Casa de Nachitos thank you from the bottom of our hearts.