Hanging onto the package

The weather is downright ominous. It's been a winter in Portland unlike any I have seen in the Northwest, and today is a perfect example. The first flakes of snow are those tiny light ones that herald a bitter day, more heavy snow on it's way, and a dry cold like Colorado, not our usually damp Northwest drizzle. I'm a little alarmed. Even with that fifty percent extra blood I've been producing I've got goosebumps. And did I mention that our hospital is on the top of a very steep hill that only has two two-lane winding roads leading up to it? There has been many a time when we've driven up the steep hillside and said, "Who's bright idea was it to put a hospital up here?" You can't help but imagine ambulances trying to skid up through icy snow with a slight sense of dread when you're 39 weeks pregnant. For the first time, we're hoping the little fellow decides to settle in through the storm and wait it out. It could be quite a harrowing journey should he decide to show up today.

(As if in response to my agitation, he's trying to stick his foot straight through my stomach. Straight through! It looks like I have a beach ball under my shirt except for this huge pencil eraser that's poking out my right side. If I put my hand there, it pokes up somewhere else. Disconcertingly, it's kind of like Whack-a-Mole.)

The bird feeder is swinging wildly in the wind, and the birds are trying to hang on for a few sunflowers seeds before the truly inclement weather begins. Hopefully the boy is hanging on like the birds to avoid the storm.

We'd love to see you, but really, it's better for all parties if you wait a little bit, okay?