Amusing the pregnant lady

Because I'm very tired of being pregnant (very, very tired), I've decided to get the bun's young life off to a rollicking start by opening up the tables for bets. Why? Why not? So even if you never respond to anything in this ridiculous journal, place your bets now to see what kind of a gambler you really are and whether or not you're ready for a life of ponies at the track. Prizes? Probably nothing, except the good feeling you get from knowing that you entertained a very cranky fat lady for one more day. And the slightly dirty feeling you get from gambling on a tiny helpless being's entry into a new, weird world.

Here are some stats to help you make your bets: His due date is estimated on January 14, 2004 Last ultrasound he already weighed five (!) lbs. I'm only five feet tall. It's my first kid.

How much will the little nipper weigh? How long will he be? (inches) Date of birth? Anything you wanna say, re: anything? ANYTHING AT ALL?