A dream so obvious...

...my subconscious should be ashamed. I dreamed that my husband and I were surrounded by relatives we didn't know very well, and that they all wanted to do different things. They were edgy and bored, and we were doing our best to entertain them, but I was wildly pregnant and thus not as much "fun" as usual. We tried taking them to a gallery, but people were getting cranky at us because our car didn't have enough room, so we all had to take separate cars. None of them thought we were being hospitable enough.

Finally my husband took a bunch of them away, just about the time I was still looking for boots to wear to this gallery and coming up with a mismatched pair every time, but at last I got out of there and was on my way to eat with the rest of these odd relatives when one of them said, "I think your water broke." I looked, couldn't see anything, continued this strange journey with people I didn't know, and then had qualitative proof that my water had in fact broken. Off to the very bizarre hospital we go, where none of the phones worked, and I tried to call my husband from dead cell phone after dead cell phone to tell him "THE BABY IS IN PLAY!" Finally, one of these relative-strangers (literally) told me, "Oh, he took everyone to Reno." Desperate, I asked her if I could use her phone, which she sort of threw at me, and I couldn't figure out how it worked because it was somewhere between a transistor radio and a brick. Eventually, I hear a broken-up voice on the other end of the line, and I'm shouting, "You have to come home! I'm having the baby!" but all I can hear is intermittent crackle interspersed with drunk laughter. I can't even tell if it's my husband or not. Meanwhile, the hospital is setting up the delivery room in a most haphazard way, I'm leaking all over, and these weird relatives are creeping about wondering how they can get away without seeming insensitive, but not really caring enough to offer me any help reaching my husband.

I think it's safe to call this one an "anxiety dream."