The cats are behaving a bit like confused siblings. The docile fat one has taken to whining all the time and personally accosting us for the weather being bad. It's odd behavior to be sure. And the cantankerous one is as cantankerous as usual but also looking for love in all the weird places. His sweater-addiction remains, but last night he actually sat on my husband's lap. I think the earth is changes its axes. And while I should have seen it coming (and my husband even mentioned it), they think the kid's bed is THEIR bed. I can see the battle of wills beginning in earnest.

ETA: Just as I was hitting "post" a damned cat leaped out of the crib with a flick of his tail and a gleam in his eye, as though he knew exactly what wheels were spinning in my brain. The fat one sat across the room looking for something mischievous to do. Now we have to keep the door to the bun's room shut or everything will have a patina of black cat hair on it. Rabble-rousers!