Two things

First off, I'm pretty sure my mailing address reads: "Gloomy and Rainy Pacific Northwest" and not "Cold but Sunny Colorado" but it seems that Mother Nature forgot and put Colorado's weather here. It's cold and windy and sunny and threatening to snow at night...all things I don't miss about Colorado. Except maybe the sun. It should be rainy, wet, dark, but not too cold, and I'm a little miffed.

Second, I've gotten to the point where even my maternity clothes don't fit. I'm resigned to looking like an Oompah Loompah for the next two and half months. This comes complete with a loss of caring about the fact that my huge belly shows under the edge of some of these shirts, and that if I wear an old (pre-pregnancy) t-shirt under a sweater to keep it from itching, the hem only comes down to just above my belly button.

This is rock bottom folks. Never a fashionista anyway, I've truly given up.