Baby gravity boots and possible cult membership

The midwife felt the bun's head which is now in the delivery position. That is to say, upside down. Isn't that nuts? Barring some strange event, he will remain upside down until zero-hour. He's more like a bat than a baby.


Also, should any of you women decide, "Oh, that birth control is really over-rated, I think I'm going to skip it just this once," or actually decide in some momentary lapse of sanity that you are going to work hard at getting pregnant (a date with a baster, perhaps?), I recommend yoga. Start now. Seriously. You may have resistance to it (god knows I have this mental block in my head from childhood where the only people who did yoga were the same people who lived in a cult up the road), but your hips will thank you in the end. My hips are so damned sore, and the yoga seems to hit the spot.

I might even join a cult, it makes me so happy.