Deja vu

Two years ago we found a house for sale and fell in love. It was a wacky house, it had problems, and we loved it. We tried to buy it, but due to crappy representation we missed it by hours. I was crushed. Life went on. We looked at other houses, none of which suited, and with news of imminent bun decided to stay put so we could save money. Now we're fixing the house up, and starting a new paint job tomorrow.

Coming home this afternoon my husband took a little side route which took us by the house we missed by hours. There it sits, exactly the same, including a new "For Sale" sign. Peeking in the windows we noted that nothing at all had changed.

So there it is--the house I held in my dreams and nightmares for months, on the auction block again. But we're at a different place, we have to be more frugal, and we've got a little bun to keep us very occupied soon.

Sometimes you wish there were things you didn't know.