Restful vacation at the doctor's office

This weekend, while a smashing success, was freakin' exhausting. Garage sale great, but saved midgame from middling success by a friend who went and poached all the customers from a garage sale down the street (thank you, Mr. K!). We sold virtually everything, and now have a basement again. Bun's room amazingly still not empty, though. What the hell does it take? House repairs quite terrifying. We have to (by "we" I mean our friend who actually knows what he's doing) raise the roof of the porch very slowly, a roof which has sagged six whole inches, and then set it gingerly on new columns. Six inches may not sound like a lot, but when you're looking at a roof that is beginning to look more like the Tower of Pisa than a bungalow, you've got the right picture in your mind. And to raise that roof without leaving behind a daisy chain of problems...cracked drywall, fallen seems pretty damned intimidating. As our friend said, "This is going to be interesting," the classic phrase one does NOT want to hear from the pro. It's right up there with "You're so nice!" and "I'll call you."

And the BBQ with brand new relatives was very sweet--there are so damned many of them, and our tiny little family is so easily overwhelmed by all the hullabaloo that it's very exhausting, but they just elbow each other aside to make room for us. They're so accustomed to huge family gatherings, that to discover a long lost family wing is totally no big deal to them at all. For us, we sort of glaze over and wonder, "Where did all these people come from, anyway?" But they just embrace us and say, "Welcome! We're nuts, you'll fit in just fine!" And as my mom says, "They're their own one family population boom," so my pregancy is both exciting and mundane to them. Completely refreshing, because no-one else I know has much family, and we're all scratching our heads about this child-bearing thing.

But now, for a quiet afternoon in the Dr's office. Sounds blissful.