Ode to the bun: Getting Fatter All the Time

I used to look down at my feet (no I can't complain)But now they're nowhere to be seen (no I can't complain) You pinned me down (aah) It's turning me round (ooh) And now I can't get enough feed (full, full)

(Chorus: I've got to admit I'm getting fatter A little fatter all the time (I can't lose no weight) I have to admit I'm getting fatter I'm getting fatter, since you've been mine

Getting so much fatter all the time)

I used to be tiny young lass but now I got me quite an ass You gave me the sperm I'm coming to term I'm getting as fat as I can


I used to be thin, at least thinner I could keep the weight off of the thighs that I loved Man I was lean but I'm changing my scene And I'm getting as fat as I can

(Chorus) \ Thanks to Paul and John\