Week 17--getting to halfway

Here are the concerns:

  • That I'm not eating enough to make a full-sized human.
  • That I don't have shit together enough to get house together by the time very small human with very large needs arrives.
  • That we'll never take a vacation again.
  • That the desire to burn everything in the house and start from scratch is not just hormonal.
  • That they will keep me on jury duty next week(!), and I'll spend the next five months of my pregnancy watching a murder trial.
  • That I'll hate society even more than I already do if they keep me on jury duty.
  • That my already less-than-immaculate housekeeping will become even worse (I know this is pretty much a guarantee).
  • That the little fellow will hate us because of his name, no matter what it is.
  • That despite the fact that I am deep into my thirties, Tiny will have an irresponsible git of a mother.
  • That my husband will leave me when he realizes that I am an irresponsible git and take Tiny with him (not a serious concern).
  • That all of our friends will disappear into the ether with the arrival of the bun.

    All in all, aside from generalized existential angst, it seems pretty manageable, right?