Pukey and hostile

Woke up at 5:00 am, feeling a wee tad on the cranky side. Ate a bowl of cereal and began to devise the plans for rearranging the house to make way for Tiny. Measured what will become our awkwardly shaped bedroom, jotted notes, made organizational plans, felt productive. But I was still tired, so I went back to bed. But see, I have to meet friends for breakfast, and I'm in that in-betweeny place between dozing and wakefulness, which is the most annoying place to be, and impossible to counter since I know I have to be up in an hour anyway. Cat is in my face, room is hot. It's now 7:30 in the morning. Finally I fall back to sleep...until the cat leaps from the bed and has a slight touch of the horrifying hairball (I mean, really, really horrifying). Which makes me extremely queasy, reminiscent of the all-too-recent morning sickness. This is a most unpleasant way to wake up for the second time.

Yay! Breakfast with friends now!

I swear, next time it's a goldfish.