One forgets what the "good life" is...

We're not big wheels at all. We live in a modest two-bedroom house with a lot of flaws, our friends are normal people with normal concerns. We have limited debt, we're thrifty (more-or-less), and we have a fifteen year-old stereo system. The house is furnished in second-hand chic, or sometimes just second-hand crap. It would never be featured in "Style" magazine--more likely "Dumpster Diving Today." At any rate, it's a modest life, despite some of our bizarre friends and acquaintances. But it's easy to forget how good we've got it. Sometimes it takes someone outside your life to put it in perspective.

The producer that my husband is working with was looking over his shoulder as he was trying to find the project photos that everyone has been shooting over the last three months. Mixed in are hundreds of photos of our life, including barbecues, goofy parties, gardening, cats, family, weddings, and quite a few of me looking cranky. Jack, my husband's boss, looked at them all and said, "Your life is so different from mine. It looks like a great life."

This means very little without the context of this man's own life: lived within the windowless, dark walls of his multi-million dollar studio, his family completely estranged, he's one of the most successful, wealthiest men we know, and possibly the lonliest. His drive has made him a virtual prisoner in his studio, surrounded by fame and fortune, but impoverished in love and life. He's an awkward man, one whom I imagine will wake up at the end of his days, with massive bank accounts and platinum records on the wall, but confused about what he did with his time and who he spent it with. His daughter will be a stranger, his grandchildren beneficiaries. His wife currently lives in another state. He never sees her.

When the bills come due, and your insurance sucks, and you slice your thumb open, and the cats keep you up all night bickering, and the house is a's easy to forget how rich one really is. Money makes the enjoyment of life easier by insuring that creditors won't be making housecalls, and you can afford to keep life and limb together. there is no doubt about that. But money, and fame, and success is no guarantee that you will be fulfilled. For that you need to look to yourself, your family, and your friends. In that, we are rich.

Happy anniversary, BBB