Operation "Clean Sweep"

The house cleaning must begin in earnest. Nausea somewhat abated, laundry huge, floor scary. Hopefully this will be a much more successful operation than "Iraqi Freedom."

[Update: Operation "Clean Sweep" has been a bust. In the same way that the Iraqi people are less than satisfied with their new-found "freedom," so I am less than satisfied with my cleaning results.

Successes: One (1) load laundry in basement being washed. One (1) dishwasher unloaded. One (1) nap taken in lieu of mopping and/or cleaning. Three (3) pregnancy/childcare books purchased to continue quest of feeling overwhelmed and/or inferior to the job.

Failures: Zero (0) floors swept and/or mopped. One (and only) bathroom uncleaned. One (1) guest bedroom a disaster, and unprepared for future visitor from Sacramento. Zero (0) bills paid. Zero (0) clothes put away--the very same clothes that I folded a week ago yet remain on the sofa where I left them.

It is a domestic policy disaster, I tell you. Where's UN intervention when I need it?