Today is Get-My-Haircut Day!

Were it not also Get-My-Haircut-While-Growing-An-Alien-Day, I would probably hack it all off and be sending my hair, as promised, to Locks of Love. Alas, I fear I need a little security blanket at this time, so I'm chickening out and merely getting the "Very Expensive Trim by Skilled Japanese Man" style. He's one of those stylists who takes forever with each strand of hair, and doesn't pull your hair with a comb, and you can grow your hair out from one of his cuts forever. Which is good, since I'm terribly lazy, and soon terribly fat and lazy, and then after that, terribly tired and lazy with a new little pip I'll call my very own who probably shouldn't go to the salon with me. So is this my last haircut for years? It just might be, people. I should really get a nice one. Maybe more than a trim, but less than a hack.