People, In General, Suck

I'm up at 3:00 in the morning because I can't sleep. And I can't sleep because my mother went out of town this weekend, I was watching her cat, and someone broke into her house and stole all her jewelry. I'm sure it was a couple of junkies--whoever they were, it wasn't professional. They took what was portable and looked valuable. Three things were: a computer (whatever; easily replaced) and two engagement rings that go back in the day for my family. My mother has asserted time and again: "Our family never had two sticks to rub together;" while not completely accurate, these two rings might have been the two sticks. One was my grandmother's, one was my grandmother's cousin's. And because some fucks wanted to make a quick buck, they lifted them. They'll hock them in a pawn shop, or who-knows-where, get a little money for them and that's it: our limited heirlooms gone for a few doses of heroin or some crank. Or maybe for less. Maybe a couple of bored kids did it to prove their mettle.

(I live in Oregon, the tax-joke state--what do you think the odds are of the police giving a rat's ass? We're releasing car thieves back into the wild without prosecution because the state can't afford to give them lawyers. You think some trinkets are going to make much of an impression? Yea, me neither.)

But the worst? They stole all of my mother's bracelets. Sterling silver bracelets that were antiques, but being sterling, worth next to nothing. Her husband, who died a few years ago, had bought them for her over the course of their twenty-five years of marriage, one or two pieces a year. Always classy, never expensive, but sentimental and something that he took great pride in buying for her. It was, perhaps, the greatest physical manifestation of his love for her left behind after his death.

I know that this is just stuff, and we are no richer or poorer for the loss of these things. We come naked into the world and we leave naked too, leaving behind all these possessions when we go, but it's so infuriating knowing that our family history, which has no price attached, was just lifted for a few bucks and no sentiment at all.

This is one of those rare times when I hope that hell exists, specifically for these idiots, and that they burn in their own excreta and guilt for all eternity. I hope that they are sliced and diced in all manner of horrible ways, and that they are shunned into the friendless, family-less wilds of darkest Hades, to suffer guilty and alone in perpetuity.