Bag Opens; Cat Flees

Paraphrased from The Sum of All Fears, "The Bun is in play! I repeat, the Bun is in play!" Today was a big bun exposure day. Which in some ways is slightly sad: people will never look at me as not being pregnant again. There is no going back: they all know, and now I'm the host for a little teeny (but adorable) parasite in their minds. Even though the burden of the secret was overwhelming at times, there was a purity about what we would talk about: anything but me being pregnant. Now, there is no question that the conversation will inevitably veer toward imminent babyhood, which excites the hell out of me, but gives me pause. I was given a very brief reprieve where I both knew a bombshell secret, but was not a parent in anyone's mind (save the immediate familia), and free to talk about anything but that. The double life of Readymade officially ended today. Let's have a moment of silence.

But this means the betting tables are open. So place your bets, people! The official "Let's guess the sex" pool is open. Lay your chips on the abdomen and give 'er a spin.