A Public Service Announcement

For those of you who are estranged from your family, I highly recommend making amends before you or your partner gets a bun in the oven. And then, if they don't already live near you, pick them up and move them yourself. I cannot emphasize this enough. My mother (with whom I had a rather contentious relationship growing up) has been the end-all be-all secret weapon in this time of great bunliness. She has cooked me food when the thought of looking at edibles has turned me the color of putty; she has come with me to the doctors every time I've gone; she has even helped me clean the house, a thing which under any other circumstance would be both embarrassing and unthinkable but now seems like the kindest, most charitable thing ever.

That poor woman! She's this tiny little thing (I guess my size, but still) and yesterday she was out there in my front yard with the weedwhacker hacking away like Bonnie Parker of the lawn. Uncomplaining, doggedly hacking away. Good grief. It's so humiliating, but so fabulous. Damn, I love that woman.

So though there may be irreconcilable differences in some cases (which I completely understand), if there are petty squabbles or little fences that need mending, I highly recommend doing it before the morning sickness sets in.

The stomach you save could be your own.