Today is my first Dr's Appt.

And it's sad that ma mayun can't be here. Although I expect that all that will happen is weighing, a little poking and prodding, and a lot of talk. I'm still nervous. My mom, bless her loopy heart, is going with me in lieu of a husband. It's good enough. And I can't keep my fat yap shut. People who know: mom, Chris, Kevin, Emily. Plus, of course, Lars and oddly, the soundguy that he works with who happened to be standing behind him when he opened the email with the incredibly obvious photo of a positive test.

The wide variety of things I'm worried about stretches beyond reason, but as I don't seem to be too fat yet, it still doesn't seem real. And it's sad and strange that I actually want morning sickness.

Bun report: rumor has it that it's the size of an apple seed. Is that reassuring or bizarre? Maybe both.