Pledge of Allegiance

I pledge Allegiance to Humanity, and the United States of Homo Sapiens, for though our nationalities differ, our DNA does not. 

I pledge Allegiance to our home, the United Continents of Gaia, across the seven oceans, over mountains and savannas, verdant rainforests and fragile northern tundra. 

I pledge Allegiance to Our Future; for my family and yours, for education, distribution of wealth, and the security of agency, to live freely, to be liberated in body and mind, to give love and be loved. 

I pledge Allegiance to those who suffer most, for though I am privileged, I cannot in good faith ignore the historical and current lapses against my fellow Homo Sapiens. I will use my privilege to speak Truth to Power, though my legs do shake. I will learn to be the best ally, to question assumptions, to call out racism, sexism, ageism, religious persecution, even if it lives in my own heart. 

I pledge Allegiance to a Moral Code: to protest the Rule of Law if it turns against justice, when it oppresses the disenfranchised, when it divides and conquers and makes allies into enemies.

I pledge Allegiance to the Land, to protect and serve Her, and all the creatures great and small who have no voices in these halls. To all the birds and mammals, reptiles and sea beasts: we are them and they are us. 

Our Big, Big Love Fundraiser with Storm Large

Midwives, health care workers, and doulas know the value of being Vigantic. And because we're all a little Vigantic, for a limited time, Storm Large is letting us re-release "Vigantic" from her one woman show CRAZY ENOUGH; funds are going toward the Emma Goldman Clinic, an independent health clinic in Iowa City:

For those who don't know why this is important: REP. Steve King (R) from Iowa introduced H.R. 490, which would materially ban abortion in all 50 states nationwide.

Be Vigantic. Be a defender. Be a superhero. Share your Vigantic love with everyone by being 8 Miles Wide.

The XX's and the XY's

These are strange times no matter what type of chromosomes you have, but if you’re marked with a XX chromosome, it’s both strange and terrifying. Because for the XX's of the population, for the first time in modern history, we were tantalizingly close to fair treatment under the law, the economy, and—to greater or lesser success—media representation, and are watching all this threatened at the feet of a few angry XY's. 

It's Our Flag. Own It.

Any American family should embrace their flag, especially if your family looks like mine: black, Asian, Jewish, gay, straight, veteran, pacifist, blue collar union, or Midwestern conservative.